Postal Address Platte Canyon Multimedia Software Corporation
8870 Edgefield Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920

Platte Canyon Support/Customer Service Comments

  • Great customer service.
  • I appreciate your quick reply‚ĶI guess you never sleep!
  • Thanks again for the world-class customer support.
  • Thanks for responding so guys (and gal) ROCK!
  • Thank you Jeff...we really appreciate your all your valuable support you provide to us.
  • Jeff. Over the years of reading the listserv, I have always been amazed on how many people you have responded to with all kinds of issues. I am glad you have remained such an integral part of keeping ToolBook alive. Thanks again for the edification and all of your time you spent with me this week. A person can always replace money with more money. However, you cannot replace time with more time. So thanks again for everything!
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